Qustions from the customers . . .


When does my order ship?

Typically within 1-2 days of ordering. This depends on order volume and other factors sometimes out of our control. If we expect a shipping delay, we sill usually post on the site header.

How does my order ship?

For the vast majority of our orders we use either the USPS or FedEx. UPS is sometimes used depending on destination and weight. We will choose either USPS or FedEx based on the destination and weight, depending on which carrier offers the best rate for that shipment. Our goal is to judicially use shipping money from customers to cover both the shipment and the packaging. There are certain situations that force us to use USPS (i.e. PO Box as address, FPO/APO/DPO address)

How much does it cost to pack my order?

This is completely dependant on what you ordered. We try to ship in the smallest package possible. We keep on hand 5x7 to 24x18 poly mailers and 6x4x4 upto 24x16x12 boxes. The prices are just as variable, from $0.06-0.28 for poly mailers and $0.25-2.86 for the boxes. Add about 2 cents a foot for tape (3", 2.8mil) and 5-15 minutes of payroll and that sums it up.

Is my product checked before shipping?

We perform a QA (Quality Assurance) of every item that is shipped. We check each item for the following: - obvious blemishes, dirt, stains, smudges, etc - torn seams or loose threads (we visually check all seams and sewing) - holes - tag - is it the correct one, untorn, and uncreased. Being bent but not creased is ok as a bend is not permanent. - correct placement and orientation of embroidery or sewn add-ons We typically reject about 16% of product we receive for web order fulfillment. The rejects are eventually clearanced off, first on the web and then in-store. All this is done because we understand you can't come in to our brick and mortar store and shop the perfect product, so we do our best to make ship the best we receive to you. Each item takes up to a minute to QA and you'll find the shippers initials on your packing slip. But, hey, we're human and miss things occationaly. Just take a picture of the problem and contact us with your order number and the issue and we'll work out a solution with you.

Product Availability

Do you know when xyzSquish will be available?

Generally no. Even with a release date given we can't know when we'll receive the product on our dock. In some cases the order horizion is months out to delivery. Wish a better answer was possible, sorry.

Squish626 was just on your site but it's gone now

Either it sold out or we had to pull the item for one reason or another. Typically it's sold out. The web side of our business receives an allotment of the total received. This can be adjusted as things sell and is up to the store owner.

How often and how much inventory do you load?

This depends on how much the web has been given, how in demand the item is, and how many we think we can ship in a day. Another factor is if we have the correctly sized packaging available. Based on that info, we might list all we're allocated at once or we might do drops over a few days so shipping can keep up with ordering. Sometimes we just add a shipping delay knowing we'll be overwhelmed. Bottom line is we try to make it so as many people have an opportunity to get what they want and they receive it in a reasonable time frame (3-8 business days)

Do you do pre-orders?

We haven't yet because this can sometimes be like hearding cats to get it right. Once we think we've got a good process we'll start offering it for certain items.