Porch Pirate Activity

A customer had their package disappear after delivery was reported by the carrier.

Please understand there is nothing we can do about porch pirates.

We cannot file a claim with any carrier for a package that has been delivered.

Your options, if you are a victim of a porch pirate, are to file a Police report and/or a homeowners insurance claim.  With apologies, we cannot offer any refund etc. for a package lost after delivery.

The only safeguard we can offer is either "Signature Required" service (additional cost to shipping) or to "Hold Package for Pickup", both explained below.  

Signature Required has two options:

  • Direct - (USPS and FedEx) someone has to be at the address to sign for the package otherwise the carrier will leave a note to arrange a second delivery attempt or you can contact carrier for pickup at their location

  • Indirect - (FedEx only) someone at the address or a neighbor can sign or the recipient can authorize release of the package without anyone present

Hold for Pickup (FedEx Only) - the package will be held at the carrier's location closest to the recipient's (your) address for the recipient to pick up. Additional shipping charge applies.

We are currently working on how to get these options into our checkout process.  In the meantime, if you want either service, please look for them as products. They will be present in all categories and be named "Delivery - Signature Required" and "Delivery - Hold for Pickup" respectively.

If you have any questions please contact us.