Site Updates and Changes

Known issues being worked, things we've changed, suggestions we've received.

Known Issues:

- Cart items not in cart at checkout.  This is an issue with our Host and how they handle inventory.  They are aware of the issue and are working on it.  Once we can change to inventory reduction on "Add to Cart" we'll make the change on the site.  For the time being all we can do is offer our apologies and thanks for bearing with us.



7/19 - Exclusive Limit on the LE Exclusive Squish has been removed but the 8" is still a Limit (1) item.

7/16 - Ok, been away from updating the page for a bit, here's what's up:

  • LE Exclusive Squishmallows are open to everyone, so codes are no longer required.  We're also listing them on so you can shop either way.  Thank you to our customer's who went through the code process.  However, the Exclusive Limit still applies to the 8" Exclusives.  Please familiarize yourself with that policy, we cancelled a lot of orders due to violations of this policy.  

  • We had an inventory snafu that I'd hoped to have fixed today, but I only had time for a partial re-count.  We will be returning stock to the website as we get the counts completed.  Just so everyone knows, what we don't' have a count on are the Hello Kitty, Disney, Easter21, Valentines21, and the misc.; but we still have them.  Please bear with us.  If you have a burning need, email us,  and we'll do our best to get your request listed.  Just give us a day or two.  

  • Our shipping department ships for this, the order system, and B2B orders; and we've been crazy busy lately.  I'm creating a shipping Q&A to answer some of the most common questions.  That being said we're again operating within the normal 3-8 business days for shipping.

  • We are ratcheting up fraud and policy violation monitoring.  Just a word to the wise for those with multiple emails and accounts.  We will be combining or removing accounts and/or cancelling orders.

Alright, 'nuff said for now, cheers everyone!  Thanks for your understanding when we get crazy and thanks especially to those that gave us kind words!!!  ~Steve


7/2 - Finally, something to add to the site.  KellyToys found some of the 2018 Best Seller Series and we nabbed a few boxes.  

6/2 - Apologies for the delay but we're back.  Big change is to shipping tiers.  Shipping is now $9.99 or free for orders over $50 (HI exception).  Other changes were cosmetic or technical.

5/31.1 - 6/1 site maintenance - all product will be pulled down in the morning to facilitate maintenance, existing orders will be processed have no worry  :D  ~Steve

5/31.1 - any orders placed 28-31 May will not leave our dock until Tuesday 6/1 due to the holiday.  You will receive a "your order has shipped" email when we process pack and process the order but it won't be in transit until 6/1  

5/25 - mobile device pages updated to help load a little faster and display more product per scroll.  Did the change make product info display text too small?? 

- Many thoughts received about the "Everything" page, particularly for mobile users, showing fidgets.  The Everything page is meant to display all product currently available via and has a filter that shows just above the first product.  Select the Filter, then the product group you wish to see (Squishmallows is the 3rd option) , then tap "Apply".

-  Please, please, use the contact us form or email for feedback on the website.  This will get a faster turn around and allow Brinda to do what she does best: run the whole business.

Thanks much to all that have helped.  ~Steve 

5/22 - 5 boxes of the 2021 Assortment A were found as we were making room for an expected large delivery.

5/21 - Mobile loading speed reported very slow.  Changes made to graphics files pixel depth and removed the product display from the Home page.  Feedback always appreciated - contact us

5/15 - "Everything" page updated to help mobile users scroll faster.  Feedback appreciated.  I'm not sure how well the change will work so, please use the contact us form to send follow-up feedback.  Also, after receiving feedback about pricing we decided to equalize pricing at the upper level for the mentioned product.  I could go on and on about Mercari, e-Bay, etc.  but, well, there isn't enough room here.

5/12 - Big Foot that were just listed are the 12".  Sorry folks, somehow that was left off the item name and description.  Just to let everyone know, the sku has the size in it, especially for Squishmallows.  So, the sku :  KY08ADG21-ASTRODOG breaks down :: KY - KellyToy,  08 - 8", ADG - the squad or set, 21 - year of release, and last the -NAME is the name or descriptor for a particular Squish in that squad.  Important for this are the two digits after KY, those will always be the size.  (in our old sku system you would see 8IN or 12IN etc.)  Hope this helps and I ask your forgiveness :D for not putting that in the Name to begin with. 

Also, the LIMIT (1) was placed on the product late, those orders that came in before we corrected will be honored.  ~Steve

5/11 - small inventory upload, fidgets added

5/10 - nothing exciting to update, just sayin' hi!  :D

5/4 - we're digging our way out of a large shipment, so far only been able to list some Disney and more of what we've had in the past. 

4/29 - more of yesterday : continuing to whittle down our stock and release more to web.  

4/28 - clean up of product naming and descriptions, removal of non-returning product, some buried discovered and listed, limits removed from some items.

4/22 - Luckily the 3 boxes of 8" Hello Kitty were the only ones the factory goofed up.  Good news is we have more 8" Food than we thought, bad new is we have less Hello Kitty.  No, Food (other than clips) hasn't been released to the web yet, sorry. However, we'll be able to load some more inventory sometime later today.

4/21 - We have found 3 of our Hello Kitty 8" (SQHK-8AST-B) boxes (Unicorn, PomBurger, Pineapple, TuxIceCream, TuxMilkshake, and MelodyIceCream) with the Food set (SQ21-8FDAST-B) in them.  We're halting all sales of Hello Kitty in order to inventory every box we have and get a full count.  We don't want to list inventory here and have to tell folks we can't fill an order if we were to find more boxes like this.  Shouldn't take long, we'll be able to list more HK inventory tomorrow.

4/20.2 - Clips (Sea, Food, and 21AST-A) and Hello Kitty released to website, just a small number, more will be added as we are able.

4/20.1 - Patty inventory damaged in our stockroom, this will affect current orders.  We are reaching out to customers whose order will be affected.  That being said, we are sold out of Patty.  Her return is expected but not for many months.

4/10 - large inventory load up 4/11 in the evening.  We found a buried box of Springtime 16" so there will be 1 or 2 sets of that (we have to QC the box).  There will also be Easter being sold individually and some other surprises and overstock items.  Many items will be Limit 1.

- Disclaimers splash page removed, link to disclaimers added to footer

4/6 - Whelp, we caught up at 1230pm today, 4.5hrs after I thought we would, but we're there!

4/2 - Update 2.0 - many cuts, a wrist in a cast, box stock nearly depleted aaaaand we're still not fully caught up.  a little over 100 shipments today.  We should be fully caught up Monday 4/5 by our pickup at 4:30pm.

4/2 - Thank you everyone for your patience! We're still catching up but still have some delays.  We're processing orders as they arrived in the system, so oldest first.

3/30 - Update to the update, one of our shippers got food poisoning and had to be sent home.  When it rains it pours!  We'll be working late to get shipments out.  Thank you all for your patience!!  ~Steve

3/30 - heavy freight delivery and higher than normal order volume causing shipping delays.  We will be prioritizing shipping on any Easter related Squishmallow order for the next 1-2 days.  Delays for other orders of 2-5 days.

3/18 - Inventory

3/6 - Shipping to Canada temporarily suspended, new carrier being found.

3/4 - Due to complaints we decided to remove the inventory refresh countdown.  We will be loading inventory as we receive it but not announcing.  To manage expectations, bear in mind we run a full brick and mortar toy store as well as this site and we receive freight daily from 4 carriers.

3/2 - Shipping Policy updated, updates page added

3/1 - 10:30am inventory technical issue resolved, will redo at 6pm.  5" Valentines photos corrected. Apologies!

2/28 - site updates: mobile look and feel, mobile constancy to desktop

2/27 - site updates: policies, some mobile and look and feel changes, changes based on feedback!



- Modify color schemes to be more friendly to persons with dyslexia. 

Work in progress, please let us know what pages need work

UPDATE - we believe we have it right, if you have problems reading our site due to color contrast or other issues, please let us know

- Mobile navigation

On going, please let us know what pages aren't displaying properly for you.

All your feedback is greatly appreciated!!